CallClerk – How to Modify Your Blacklist and Whitelist

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If you’re using a DSL high-speed internet connection, you may find that the number of rings in CallClerk is too low. Many countries deliver Caller ID information between the first and second ring. Generally, you should adjust the maximum number of rings in CallClerk – Settings – Modem. However, this is not always possible. To change this value, you can reboot your computer. Also, make sure you set the number of rings between the first and second rings.


Some of the features of CallClerk are limited, while others are open to everyone. Users can limit the length of the messages they wish to save. To make sure that CallClerk only records messages for a certain amount of time, they can set a limit on the number of announcements they want the program to play before switching off. Users can also specify whether CallClerk should record the first ring before playing the caller’s id.

The app is capable of recording a personalized message and playing a distinguishing answering machine greeting. It can also perform an internet reverse lookup and launch any other application. Users can also post the call record on their web page or personal call history. The program can also notify them via email or Twitter if they miss a call. The program works with both Mac and Windows computers and is distributed as Shareware. You can download CallClerk from the Mac App Store or the official website.


The CallClerk interface is designed for easy use. The dial-out window displays the preloaded number with the area code. The user can then click the Pick-up button to answer the phone. The program can also be set to automatically hang up if it senses that a caller may be annoying or harassing them. In addition to this, the program also has several privacy features. It helps users block prank callers and salespeople.

The CallClerk application also helps you get caller information. It displays the name of the caller, phone number, photo, date, and time, and can even announce the name of the person when the caller isn’t home. It also allows you to receive a missed call notification via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. If you want to block a particular number, you can customize the caller type to make it less likely to annoy you.


One of the main functions of CallClerk is the ability to manage your blacklists. These lists are available for import and export. If you need to modify your blacklist, you can use the custom feature. The following steps will explain how to modify your blacklists. In addition, you’ll discover how to manage whitelists. Read on to learn more. But before we start, let’s look at the basics.

You can change the settings that block certain numbers, including those that are on your Blacklist. This feature can prevent you from receiving unsolicited calls. Besides blocking unwelcome calls, you can also block or report unknown number calls. You can configure the program to report missed calls, e-mails, fax, Facebook posts, and clipboard information. Another great feature of CallClerk is its ability to automatically screen calls and send them to email fax, or voicemail. You can also use the program to dial a number from your clipboard or a selected phone number in Internet Explorer or Firefox.


To set up an Announcer for CallClerk, simply click the Settings button on the top of the app’s menu. The Announce window displays options for different types of voice announcements. If you want to announce a phone number as soon as it rings, enter the caller’s Display Name and associated values into the ‘Announcement starts with’ field. The app will then announce that value in the incoming call’s first ring.

In addition to being able to hear the name of the person calling, the Announcer for CallClerk gives users plenty of information about the callers, including photos, phone numbers, and date and time. If the caller does not leave a message, users can set the application to send a text message, email, or Facebook notification of the missed call. The Announcer for CallClerk can be downloaded for free on the Windows Store.